The iCup2® obstetrical vacuum-assisted delivery system is an instrumental device for extracting the fetus. It is sterile and disposable, and is ready-to-use as per recommended conditions of use and indications.

The iCup2® consists of a cup-shaped vacuum chamber measuring 5 cm in diameter and 2,2 cm in height with a plastic base made, an adjustable traction strap and an ergonomic handle.
The inner and outer surfaces of the cup are smooth in order to avoid injuring the fetus or the mother’s birth canal. The cup contains inside a soft and silicon disk to protect the fetal scalp On the dome of the cup there is a furrow specially designed to fit the obstetrician’s finger to allow him or her to locate its position while it is being inserted and during the fetus’s progression. The aspiration inside the cup is circumferential to the inner roof in order to maximize efficacy, and to minimize any risk of obstruction of the vacuum system.

The traction strap, consisting of a medical cord, is located exactly at the center of the dome of the cup and can be rotated through 180°. The ergonomic handle, is rounded for a good catch in hand.
Possibility to reduce the length of the traction strap by twistlocking it into the handle. The flexible vacuum tube, emerging from the dome of the cup, is a 1 m length (to avoid restricting the movements of the obstetrician) and ends in an adjustable-diameter adaptor designed to fit most of the vacuum pumps on the market.

The initial part of this tube has green indicator which must be clearly seen especially when laying to ensure the application in excavation pelvic and not above.